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You may need Winzip to extract these files.
Grab it here:

Click here for the
full 1.34 megs .zip file

(this includes all the official files of the Buckles theme)
buckles_background_blue.jpg (145k)
buckles_background_blue2.bmp (1.37megs)
buckles_background_blue.jpg (153k)
buckles_background_blue.bmp (1.37megs
Buckles font: buckles.ttf
Buckles Icons (12k .zip file)
Buckles Cursors (37k .zip file)

Fan contributions to the Buckles theme:
1.) Submitted by David / GreyWolfDog
Wolf wallpaper1 .jpg (107k)
Wolf wallpaper2 .bmp (1.37megs)
Wolf wallpaper2 .jpg (246k)
Wolf wallpaper2 .bmp (1.37megs)

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